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Adonidia Palm.png

Adonidia Palm: Veitchia merrillii, Adonidia merrillii


Uses: Focal point in garden, accent, container, anchor plant


Specs: Slow grower to average height of 12-15 feet. Easy care, low maintenance, ornamental palm. Moderately salt-tolerant, full sun, partial shade. Avoid planting in location not subject to cold winds or frost.


Fun fact: This plant is called the “Christmas Palm” because as it matures, it will bloom with white flowers and red berries (seeds) around Christmas time.


Aloe: Aloe Vera (succulent)


Uses: Houseplant, planter,


Specs: Grows up to 3 ft. Little maintenance, requires bright, indirect sunlight, stemless or short stemmed, thick greenish fleshy leaves, leaf margin serrated with small teeth. Use well-drained potting mix (do not use soil).


Fun Fact: The gel from the aloe leaves can provide many health benefits to skin. It can be used to relieve pain from skin irritants such as, sunburnt skin, scrapes, cold sores, etc.  Simply apply the gel from

the aloe vera leaves to the affected area. It should not be ingested by people or pets.

Blue Pacific Juniper.png

Blue Pacific Juniper: Juniperus conferta “Blue Pacific


Uses: Thrives in gardens along the coast, perennial bed, on rock or stone walls, groundcover, and shrub.


Specs: Native to Japan, mature height about 1 ft, spreads quickly with a width of about 5-6 ft. foliage, full sun to part sun, soil well drained, salt tolerant, it’s green during the growing season and turns gray green in the winter.


Fun Fact: Deer tend to avoid this plant.

Cocoplum: Chrysobalanus icaco “Red Tip”


Uses:  Hedge shrub, lining, backdrop, privacy plant, accent


Specs: Moderate grower that you can keep trimmed about 3 feet when young, and up to 20 ft. when the plant is mature. Easy care hedge shrub or privacy plant. Full to

part sun, moderately salt tolerant


Fun fact: This plant produces an edible plum. The fruit was

used by early inhabitants of Florida to make jams and jellies.


Clusia: Clusia rosea & Clusia guttifera


Uses: Tree-form hedge, privacy, backdrop, accent, container plant.


Specs: Moderate to fast grower. As a shrub can be kept 8-10 ft. As a tree, it can grow up to 25 ft. Drought tolerance, salt-tolerant, full sun to part shade.


Fun fact: These shrubs are also called “Autograph Plant” because if you scratch your name on a leaf it will stay there for the life of that leaf.

Croto Mamey.png

Croto Mamey: Codiaeum variegatum, “Mamey”


Uses: anywhere you want to add color, houseplant, gardens, landscapes


Specs: Mature height about 42”, spread about 2 ft., individual leaves about 8” long, little to no pruning, partial shade to full sun, (min of 4 hrs. sun each day)


Fun Fact: The more sunlight, the brighter the colors.

Green Island Ficus.png

Foxtail Palm: Wodyetia bifurcate


Uses: Stand alone, focal point, tropical accent, lining a walkway or property line, and container (when young).


Specs: Fast grower, full sun, moderate salt-tolerant, moderate drought tolerant, available in single or multi trunk specimens, and grows up to 30 ft.


Fun Fact: This palm is self-cleaning (old fronds fall off by themselves).

Adonidia Palm.png

Green Island Ficus: Ficus microcarpa “Green Island”


Uses: Foundation shrub, lining, accent, ground cover, and container.


Specs: Slow grower, spreads as it matures, max height is 3 ft. Low maintenance shrub – full sun or part shade, drought & salt tolerant.


Fun Fact: Some parts of the plant contain toxins. The milky sap inside the stems can cause skin irritations, so wear gloves.

Green Malayan Coconut Palm.png

Green Malayan Coconut Palm: Cocos nucifera


Uses: Tropical landscapes, accent, single yard specimen.


Specs: Moderate growth, salt tolerant, drought tolerant, mature height 50-80 Ft., low maintenance, self-pruning, will fruit at approx. 2-3 Ft. of grey wood


Fun Fact: Coconut Palm is the most popular palm in the world because of its coconuts. The coconut oil is used for cooking, and a wide range of beauty products.

Ligustrum: Ligustrum spp.


Uses: Tree-form, hedge, accent, privacy screen, lining, anchor, shade, shrub, and backdrop.


Specs: Evergreen, fast grower. Can be trimmed 3-4 feet, or let it grow up to 15 feet. Easy care, versatile group of shrubs, hedges, or small trees. Full to part sun, and cold tolerant.


Fun Fact: This plant when kept manicured, is perfect for Oriental gardens. It can be sheared into a small “bonsai” form of about 8-10 feet.


Podocarpus: Podocarpus macrophyllus


Uses: Hedge bushes, privacy screens, fence, and shading.


Specs: Moderate grower, you can keep 5 to 7 feet, or let it get larger (the plant can grow as much as 40 feet tall). Low-maintenance shrub for sun or shade, drought-tolerant, salt tolerant and cold tolerant.

Queen Emma.png

Queen Emma: Crinum Lily (Crinum Asiaticum)


Uses: Tropical landscapes, accent, along edge of pond, single yard specimen


Specs: Moderate grower, full to part sun, blooms on and off all year, grows to about 5 feet or more in height and width, wide at base with many pups (baby crinums)


Fun Fact: The plant’s flower is sweetly scented

Queen Emma.png

Queen Emma: Crinum Lily (Crinum Augustum)


Uses: Tropical landscapes, accent, along edge of pond, single yard specimen.


Specs: Moderate grower, full to part sun, blooms on and off all year, grows to about 6 Ft. or more in height and width, wide at base with many pups (baby crinums).


Fun Fact: The plant’s flower is magenta and white.

Yellow Walking Iris.png

Yellow Walking Iris: Neomarica longifolia


Uses: Garden, landscape, houseplant, along edges, ground cover


Specs: Adult height 24” and spread 12-15 inches, partial shade, flowers late spring early summer, Attracts bees & butterflies, deer resistant


Fun Fact:  Some call this plant the “Apostle Plant” because they believe the plants need twelve leaves before it will bloom.

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